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The number of users of TigerNT.com has been developped so fast in recent years. Our users cover all over the world. Not only Chinese people are visiting TigerNT, but also lots of enthusiasts of Chinese culture. I have received tons of emails which are asking for offering Chinese letters from English words/sentences for sake of special meanings. Besides hundreds of spam emails daily :-(, also I have received tons of supporting emails offering suggestions and/or pointing the bug in the system, also numerous thank-you letters. :)

TigerNT will continuously offer free services for all the people. We are always listening the suggestions from our users to improve the online activities in TigerNT.

While we are celebrating the 6th birthday of TigerNT, we ask community for support. So far (since year 1998), within 6 years we have received the following financial supports:

  • 2 donations through personal checks and 3 paypal donations (updated on 10/10/2004)
  • Several supports from our business partnerships. Here we would like to specially say thanks to 1stphonecard.com for continuous supporting TigerNT.

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Paypal online payment is widely accepted worldwide. You can pay through all kinds of credit/debit cards, banking account or e-check, etc. Also it is always FREE for payer, no limitation with regions.
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If you'd like to make a donation but prefer not to use the online payment option, please contact us by email first.


  • For business partnership, please contact us.

  • TigerNT can provide discount technical support and consulting with great quality, mainly on web site design and programming, Hanzi technology, GB/Big5 conversion, system administration, etc. If interested, please contact us.

  • Any other questions or comments, please contact us.

      - TigerNT (Sept. 2004)
    Modified: April 2009