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Free Math Practice Pages


  1. Math for Kindergarten and Grade 1, such as A + B, A - B
  2. Math for Grade 2, 3, 4, such as A * B - C, A + B * C, with option of decimal
  3. Math for Grade 2, 3, division
  4. Math for Grade 3, 4, such as (A + B) * C, A * ( B - C)
  5. Math for Grade 4, 5, such as (A + B) * (A - B) = A*A - B*B, A*C +B*C = (A + B ) *C, A*C - B*C = (A-B) * C
  6. Math for Grade 3,4,5, fraction addition/subtraction with option of decimal
  7. Math for Grade 4,5, decimal addition/subtraction, multiplication
  8. Math for Grade 4, 5, 1-variable Algebra, More 1-variable Algebra
  9. Math for Grade 5, 6, 2-variable Algebra
  10. Math for Grade 4,5, division with remaining
  11. Math for Grade 4,5, Calculate GCD & LCM with option of algebra variables
  12. Math for Grade 3,4,5, pattern, added a(2)=a(1)+a(0)
  13. Math for Grade 3,4,5, fraction sorting
  14. Math for Grade 5, 6, negative numbers, absolute values, exponents
  15. Math for Grade 5, 6, absolute value equation
  16. Math for Grade 5, 6, inequality algebra
  17. Math for Grade 5, 6, equation factoring
  18. Suggested books for Math Competition
  19. Suggested books for SAT Preparation
  20. More coming soon...


    How to use those pages
  • One refresh will create new set of exercises. Every exercise is fresh and random and is created on the fly.
  • The answer for each exercise is hidden until you click the 'Flip Answers' on the top.
  • To set different difficulty of the exercises, you can set your favorable mininum and maxinum values.
  • Some answers have "Graph" links which point to the powerful WolframeAlpha site. The equation of the exercise will be passed in as the parameter in the link. User are able to view the answer and graph of the equation.

    Motivation to create those pages
  • Save me tons of time and energy to search or prepare math practice exercises/worksheets for my kids
  • Answer is always provided and saves me time to solve and verify.
  • I am adding more from time to time in order to keep pace with my kids' acedemic needs. Your feedback will be welcomed and helpful.


Last modified: 12/11/2011
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