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How to contribute your efforts towards the unknown words

With new words being introduced from day to day, we would like to keep pace. Recently we have implemented new features to accept the translation input from our dear users. Whenever your search result fails you, you have chance to help us to add the translation for the unknown word.

Simply click the unknown word, you will get a modal window to let you input the translation.

Look up the word from other sources (google, wiki, dictionary, etc) and input in the box. After you have submitted the input, your submission will be beneficial to you and future users from all over the world.

To prevent potential spams we limit the submission per IP address. I have to say sorry for those users sharing the same external IPs.

Since we could not validate the user submission in time daily, we also introduced the voting system. You, our dear users, have super power to up vote or down vote the submission from internet users. When the total votes are more than 10 AND the number of down votes is larger than 75% of total votes, we will hide the translation for further investigation.

If one word has multiple submissions from users, we will display the contributions (up to 3) in descending order of the total number of the votes.  

Please send us your suggestions and comments

- May 4th, 2015