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  1. Core Java 2, Volume 1: Fundamentals by Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell
  2. Core Java 2 , Volume 2: Advanced Features by Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell
  3. Core Jini by W. Keith Edwards
  4. Effective Java(TM) Programming Language Guide by Joshua Bloch
  5. Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies by Deepak Alur, John Crupi, Dan Malks
  6. The Java Tutorial Second Edition: Object-Oriented Programming for the Internet by Mary Campione
  7. JAVA 1.2 Unleashed by Jamie Jaworski, Jamie Jaworksi
  8. Advanced Java Networking by Prashant Sridharan, et
  9. Java in a Nutshell - A Desktop Quick Reference by David Flanagan, Mike Loukides
  10. Java Virtual Machine (Java Series) by Jon Meyer, et al
  11. Inside Java 2.0 Virtual Machine (Enterprise Computing) by Bill Venners
  12. Programming for the Java(TM) Virtual Machine by Joshua Engel
  13. Java Design: Building Better Apps and Applets(Very good) by Peter Coad, et al
  14. Programming Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 by Stephen R. Davis
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    === Perl ===

  15. Perl Cookbook by Tom Christiansen, Nathan Torkington, Larry Wall
  16. Advanced Perl Programming by Sriram Srinivasan
  17. Programming Perl (2nd Edition) by :Larry Wall, etc
  18. The Cgi/Perl Cookbook by Craig Patchett, etc
  19. Corba Fundamentals and Programming by Jon Siegel
  20. XML Bible by Elliotte Rusty Harold
  21. Dynamic Html - The Definitive Reference by Danny Goodman
  22. Core PHP Programming by Leon Atkinson
  23. The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup
  24. Teach yourself C++ in 24 hours by Sams
  25. Introduction to Computing and Algorithms by Russell Shackleford
  26. Essential System Administration by Aeleen Frisch

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